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Hello. I’m delighted to share my work with you!


I have been a watercolourist for over twenty years and particularly revel in tackling natural subjects. In fact I’m bonkers about detail and am happiest when I’m painting the velvety petals of a bearded iris, the speckle of a chicken’s feather or the encroaching rust on an old hoe head.


My studio is idyllically nestled in the garden of an old farmhouse where I live with my husband Andrew and a diminishing number of teenage children. The major distractions in my day are likely to be a chicken announcing she’s laid an egg or a flash of turquoise as the resident kingfisher zips past my window.


A lot of my time is spent working on commercial design briefs for packaging, editorial, publishing etc and I’m always happy to discuss ideas for new projects.


Andrew is the one to speak to about card orders... I’ll be too busy collecting eggs.

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